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Adult Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament 2020

Howard McGuinness will be running an Adult mixed doubles tennis tournament on Saturday 8th February 2020

The event is Mixed doubles advanced level, 
The time of the event will be 1 - 3pm 
The cost will be £6.00 per person

To book your place see Howard, 
check notice boards for more information.


Steve Mackaill
Racquets Manager


Dear members,

Virgin Active Clearview Wimbledon ballot is now open to opt in through the LTA, if you are an LTA member you would of received an email from the LTA with the option to log in and OPT IN for next years Ballot, There is a deadline for Opting in so if you miss this you would not be in with a chance to win Wimbledon tickets.

You must be a British tennis member of the LTA, A Racquets member of Clearview and opted in by the deadline to stand a chance to win tickets, the more that OPT IN, the more ticket allocation we receive. 

if you need to contact the LTA for any reason, please call them to discuss how to OPT IN.

Don't miss out. 

Best wishes and good luck.

Stephen Mackaill

Racquets Manager


October Half Term Holiday Virgin Active Multi Activity Camp


Bookings now being taken for full or half day camps

for years 5


Full Day 9am-5pm             

£25 a day for members

£35 a day for non-members


Half Day 9am-12.30pm or 1.30pm-5pm

£15 a session for members

£20 a session for non-members


Payment must be made at time of booking

*Terms & Conditions Apply*



Example of the day

9.30-11.30 - Tennis session (with Tennis Pro’s)

11.30-12.30 - Fun active games

12.30-1.30 - Lunch (full day only)

1.30-5pm – Active creations, Active Games/Sports and Active swim




Dear Member

Our Junior tennis program is well under way and nearly 200 children are learning with us from the age of 3 yrs old, 

if you would like some information regarding a trial and would like your child to start tennis with us then please get in touch,


Steve Mackaill

Racquets Manager


Congratulations to all our winners of our Annual club tennis finals, we hope you had a great day. 

Men's Vets Singles winner: Stuart cumming

Men's Vets singles Runner up: Chike Onyechere

Ladies Vets singles Winner: Tracy white

Ladies Vets singles runner up: Monica Whitbread

Men's Doubles winners: Neil Taylor and James Weatherup

Men's Doubles Runners up: Richard Gidley and Leroy Mattis

Ladies Doubles Winners: Dawn Hayman and Gina Griffiths

Ladies Doubles Runners up: Tracy white and Joanne O'donoghue 

Men's Singles winner: Michael Eastmond

Men's Singles Runners up: Stuart Eichmann

Ladies Singles Winner: Louise Ferguson

Ladies Singles Runner up: Monica Whitbread

Mixed Doubles Winners: James Weatherup and Louise Baker

Mixed Doubles Runners up: Andrew Ferguson and Louise Ferguson

Look forward to next year 


The Racquets team. 


After the success of my last Tennis Leaders course, i will be planning on running another Tennis leaders course for anyone 13 yrs and over as part of there Introduction to tennis coaching/assisting/volunteering. 

the course will cost £35.00 per person and the time will be 10am - 4.30pm.
Deposit required to secure your place,

The modules we will cover are 

Introduction to tennis
volunteering at a tennis venue
leading a practice session
helping at your school
helping at a competition

each participant will receive a certificate and a tennis leaders t shirt. 

please email me for booking a place or more information,

Stephen Mackaill


We will be running another Cardio tennis for children in the May Half Term Holidays, Lee and myself will run the session on Monday 28th May from 10.30-11.30am,

The age group is for children 9 and over, the cost is £5.00 per child and payable on the day, we have a register for children's names at reception with limited spaces so if you would like to enrol your child, then please get in touch with myself, Lee or speak to reception and add your child's name, 

Lee and i look forward to seeing you on court for a fun filled cardio tennis work out to music, 

if you require anymore information, please get in touch,


Racquets Manager


We have entered 9 teams into the Team Tennis League, formerly known as AEGON, for our budding young juniors that train with us at Clearview,

The age groups range from U8s to U14s boys and girls. 

we will start the matches home and away from April 15th/16th so all the support we can offer our young teams would be most welcome, fixtures will be displayed on our tennis notice board, 

thank you to those parents who have volunteered there time to be Captains for a team as well, greatly appreciated, 

good luck




The next date for our LTA sanctioned match play for juniors will be on Sunday February 25th, the time will be 4pm - 8pm, 
The event is bookable for Junior tennis players of Green ball level, the event is advertised on the LTA website if your child would like to enter,

Courts and club will be busy so please be aware of the need to reserve a court if you wish to play on that particular Sunday. 

these events will take place during the year at random but we will advertise the dates in advance to make you aware,

thank you for your co operation and understanding,




Linda Hornett our captain for Clearview Mixed div 4 tennis team won there group and sit proudly on top so a big well done to everyone that participated, supported on and off court and especially to Linda for organising and arranging the matches/team selection,

Mentions go out to the team: 
John Hornett
Gary and Karen Flowers
Tracy White
Pete Wilbourne
Nigel Occleshaw
Joanne O'donoghue
Russell Bennet
Michael Eastmond
Tim Denney
Kevin and Karen Turp
Gina Griffiths.

Congratulations and best of luck next season,

Steve Mackaill


You may of seen that a notice has been displayed regarding drinks being taken on court. We will only be allowing the appropriate juice bottles or water containers and no coffee or tea, fizzy drinks and food will be allowed to be consumed on court,

we would like to clean and then maintain a reasonable level of court cleanliness at all times where possible and everyone's assistance on this will help in us achieving that, 

The court hoover is now fixed and being used to clean the courts daily and food breaks during Tennis camps will now be taken off court in the canteen, 

Thank you for your help in these matters.


New Racquets Manager

Our new Racquets Manager at Virgin Active, Clearview is actively promoting new groups for Adults and Juniors so please check the notice boards for all the updates and New classes.

Stephen comes with vast experience and over 25 years of working in the private sector. 

We are pleased to have him on board to lead our tennis team forward and deliver a high quality adult and junior tennis program. 
If you would like to meet Stephen, please contact him and he will arrange to meet you for a coffee and a chat about any of your tennis needs,

Please contact Steve on 01277 815640 or email him on if you have any questions or to book a tennis induction.

Current and Upcoming Events
There are no current or upcoming events.
Past Events
Clearview Box Leagues 2013
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
Clearview Doubles Box Leagues S1 2013 9/15/2013 10/30/2013
Clearview Singles Box Leagues S1 2013 9/15/2013 10/30/2013
Other Events (Non-Series)
Event Name Event Began Event Ended
VA [2019] [Clearview] Doubles Club Champion (Copy) 9/09/2019 11/16/2019
VA Clearview 2019 Singles Club Championship (Copy) 9/09/2019 11/16/2019
VA [2018] [Clearview] Doubles Club Championships 9/17/2018 11/04/2018
VA Clearview 2018 Singles Club Championships 9/17/2018 11/04/2018
Singles Box Leagues 2/05/2018 4/01/2018
Clearview Box Leagues Feb to April 2017 2/20/2017 4/30/2017
Clearview Box Leagues Feb to April 2017 (Copy) 2/20/2017 4/30/2017
Mixed Singles tennis shoot out Tencap 50-65 1pm 3/19/2017 3/19/2017
Mens Singles tennis shoot out Tencap 45-60 11am 2/12/2017 2/12/2017
2017 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 2pm 1/28/2017 1/28/2017
Casual Play 6/05/2014 12/31/2016
Clearview Box Leagues Oct to Nov 2016 10/10/2016 12/04/2016
Clearview Box Leagues test 11/11/2016 12/01/2016
Pro Am Tennis Tournament 1st November 7.30pm 11/01/2016 11/01/2016
NECKER CUP 2016 10/01/2016 10/01/2016
2016 Mixed Doubles US Open 9/11/2016 9/11/2016
men's league 6/05/2014 7/31/2016
2016 Clearview Mens Singles League (Copy) 5/27/2016 7/31/2016
2016 mixed doubles League (Copy) 5/27/2016 7/31/2016
2016 Mixed Doubles wimbledon 7/03/2016 7/03/2016
2016 Mixed Doubles French Open 5/29/2016 5/29/2016
2016 Clearview Mens Singles League 2/01/2016 4/01/2016
2016 mixed doubles League 2/01/2016 4/01/2016
2016 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 1/24/2016 1/24/2016
NECKER CUP 2015 10/03/2015 10/04/2015
US Open 2015 9/12/2015 9/13/2015
VA Clearview Doubles Club Championships 7/20/2015 9/06/2015
VA Clearview Singles Club Championships 7/20/2015 9/06/2015
2015 Clearview Mens Singles League (Copy) 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
2015 Men's doubles league summer 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
2015 Spring Clearview Ladies Singles League (Copy) 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
2015 Spring mixed doubles League summer 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
Ladies doubles 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
Ladies doubles summer 2015 5/22/2015 7/31/2015
2015 Wimbledon Men's/Women's Doubles Tournament 7/04/2015 7/05/2015
2015 French Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 5/30/2015 5/30/2015
2015 Men's doubles league 2/15/2015 4/26/2015
2015 Clearview Mens Singles League 2/15/2015 4/25/2015
2015 Clearview Mens Singles League (Copy) 2/15/2015 4/25/2015
2015 Spring Clearview Ladies Singles League 2/15/2015 4/25/2015
2015 Spring Ladies doubles 2/15/2015 4/25/2015
2015 Spring mixed doubles League (Copy) 2/15/2015 4/25/2015
Ladies doubles (Copy) 3/23/2015 3/23/2015
Ladies doubles (Copy) (Copy) 3/23/2015 3/23/2015
Ladies doubles 2/23/2015 2/23/2015
2015 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 1/25/2015 1/25/2015
NECKER CUP 2014 9/20/2014 9/21/2014
2014 July/Aug Clearview Mens Singles League 6/30/2014 8/31/2014
[YEAR] Wimbledon Men's/Women's Doubles Tournament 6/26/2014 6/26/2014
2014 Mixed Doubles French Open 6/08/2014 6/08/2014
2014 Mixed Doubles French Open (Copy) 6/08/2014 6/08/2014
2014 Mixed Doubles French Open (Copy) 6/08/2014 6/08/2014
2014 Mixed Doubles French Open (Copy) 6/08/2014 6/08/2014
2014 Jan/Feb Clearview Mens Singles League 2/10/2014 5/31/2014
2014 Jan/Feb Clearview Mens Singles League (Copy) 2/10/2014 5/31/2014
2014 Jan/Feb mixed doubles League 2/10/2014 3/15/2014
2014 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Tournament 1/25/2014 1/25/2014
Virgin Active Clearview May/June League 2013 5/15/2013 6/30/2013
[YEAR] [MO/MO] [CLUB NAME] [SGLS/DBLS] League 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
[YEAR] [MO/MO] [CLUB NAME] [SGLS/DBLS] League 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
[YEAR] Mixed Doubles French Open 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
[YEAR] Mixed Doubles French Open 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
[YEAR] Wimbledon Men's/Women's Doubles Tournament 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
Fixed Partner Doubles Tournament 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
Fixed Partner Doubles Tournament 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
Tencap Flex League Template 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
VA [YEAR] [CLUB NAME] Doubles Club Championships 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
VA [YEAR] [CLUB NAME] Singles Club Championships 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
VA [YEAR] Richard's Rules 1/01/2001 1/01/2001
1Mukilesh Pattara49
2Chris Salmon56
3Chike Onyechere58
4Andy Senior59
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